Based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Graduated in Visual Arts at University of Belas Artes of São Paulo, Brazil (2015).

Since 2010, he has been focusing developing painting, serigraphy and stencil techniques. Through his contact with skateboarding and the graffiti scene he began to become involved with street-art and large murals.

Following this, he works with Jaime Prades, an artist from the 80’s, who was an influential figure for the street-art movement of São Paulo. Following this in 2011, he begins to work with the visual artist Monica Nador in her project ‘JAMAC’ to develop several stencil workshops in favelas of São Paulo and murals around Brazil.

In 2014, he co-founded an artist collective and creative space called SUBGaleria. Here they held exhibitions with independent artists from across Latin America from a variety of disciplines. The collective also organised various printing fairs and created numerous murals around the city. 

Most recently, after his own experience of living more than 28 years in Sao Paulo (SP), Philaico wanted to reveal more about the relation the citizens of SP have with the often chaotic and overwhelming mega-city. His work looks into the relationship people have with their city in order to seek, through their portraits, a deeper understanding of the feeling of belonging to a space. 

His process focuses on photographing people from SP with his unique portraits serving as a celebration of the diversity of the city; whilst, on the other hand, illuminating the hardships the people face in their daily life. Here attempting to highlight the economic and political context that people have been experiencing in Brazil in recent years. 

The artists and the culture has suffered a process of abandonment on the part of the state, this has hit the underground artistic community particularly hard. Therefore, Philaico often portrays friends that are involved in the artist community and more underground movements of SP.  He uses the moment of photography as the basis of study of composition of color, light and shadow. In collaboration with his photographer friends he plays with colours of light to create intense visual contrasts and a surrealist element to his work. He believes the street acts as a perfect platform to exhibit the photos as murals and put this feeling expressed by the people out into he public sphere. 

In 2019, Philaico travelled to Europe where he made several murals in Barcelona, Lisbon, Edinburgh and Glasgow. This was a new distinct moment in his artistic career as for the first time this feeling of Sao Paulo and Brasil was transported to Europe. That summer he was given the chance to produce a mural at Yardworks in Glasgow, Scotland. Following this, he won 'Travel the Wall' competition with Wall Spot which sent him to Barcelona to create a huge mural in 24hours. Therefore his murals began to open up a whole new dialogue and meaning with new people outside Brazil. He also began to produce a series of portraits with spray on canvas which were exhibited at the Edinburgh Arts Fair 2019 with VABLab Gallery. 

Felipe has been drawn to different types of grids and gates around the world. Whilsttravelling Felipe photographs contrasting gate designs and from these images heproduces stencils, serigraphs, canvases, paintings and sculptures. The artist feelsthese designs are a way to read and understand the cultural diversity of each city. 


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